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Do you feel lonely?

2007-12-05 21:46:54 by Kangman

Well do you feel lonely because your pm box is ever so empty?
Well I got the solution to your problem!
Just Pm me and ask for my loving pm's and i will pm you every week with a message full of love and consideration.
Unless i am dead/shot/drunk/high/busy/sleepy/tired /robotic/uncomfortable/lazy/etc. or have the justdontfeellikeit disease i will give you a pm

Here is a example of one of my wonderful message.

I love you....that's all you get okay if you want more you have to pay me like a stripper...A stripper can show you but you cant touch unless you pay acess fee okay but this stripper is tooo classy for an acess fee so when you try to pay the classy bitch all you get in return is a law suite and bansishment from the jr. stip joint!!

Love my pms?
Then pm me for my special service!
Porn makes me hard
Artist entertain
but i make excuses everyday!!

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2007-10-23 19:02:30 by Kangman

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